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Lashotor , pierta gray marble stone

Lashotor , pierta gray marble stone

September 11, 2017

Pietra Grey Marble (lashotor):

Pietra grey marble  lashotor:  is exporting from borders of Iran. Our quarry is located in Isfahan and we process and manufacture our own marbles. The on-trade color of pietra grey marble within white veins through the marble has made it a perfect choice for flooring, kitchen, and office areas. Technical test result of the pietra grey marble shows that the stone hardness is 3 to 3.5 .

Ofoq stone company with many years’ experience in providing and processing Iran Natural Stone is able to supply stone materials in tiles, slabs, and blocks. Our hot sell material is pietra grey marble (Lashotor) available in different sizes and thickness from 13 mm to 40 mm. Owning a quarry we are able to supply 6000-7000 square meters of pietra grey marble per month with best quality and different finishing. Other materials we supply include travertine (red, yellow, silver, noce, and beige), limestone (gohare), and different types of onyx.

Pietra Grey Marble (Lashotor)

include fine white veins through the dark grey background color is ab irreplaceable sort of natural grey marble used for interior and exterior design. OFOQ STONE is able to supplt pietra grey marble in different sizes and different finishing:
a. Pietra grey marble polished tiles/slabs
b. Pietra grey marble honed tiles/slabs
c. Pietra grey marble brushed tiles/slabs
d. Pietra grey marble beveled/micro-beveled tiles
e. Pietra grey marble bookmatch tiles/slabs

lashotor Pietra Grey Marble

lashotor Pietra Grey Marble

Pietra Grey Marble (Grafitte) is one of the well-known marble available in stone market and supply from richest sources of Iran. OFOQ STONE COMPANY is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of pietra grey marble provide in tiles, slabs, and blocks. With more than 14 years’ experience we have grown as a professional supplier of pietra grey marble. Our advantages in the market include owning a peitra grey marble quarry and running another factory for tiles of grafitte marble. We are here to help you color your life in best way with the most essential colors of the world, black and white, all at the same time in one picture named Pietra Grey Marble.